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Arctic PoweRelax offers massages, saunayoga, personal training and wellness workshops for you, your friends or your company. We are located in Muonio and around. If you are looking for a deeper connection with nature, guidance with moving your body, tips for nutrition, and motivation with little bit of humor Arctic PoweRelax is what you are looking for.

I have a years of experince and the passion to share my knowledge with you. Don't be a stranger and book an appointment, so we can find the path for a more exhilarating, balanced and relaxed life together.


Arctic PoweRelax was founded in 2020 by me, Soile Sivonen. Throughout my life I have always bravely followed my heart, educated myself as much as I could, worked always by listening to my interests. Acting helped me find my true self and through that, to connect more with the people around me. Training as a Wilderness Guide gave me back the connection to nature that I lost. Everything I do, I do with pure passion and love. My path brought me here to Muonio in 2019. Nature, people, sustainability, wellness, professional skill and knowledge... all of this is part of Arctic PoweRelax. From me, to you, with love.


I was born in 1973 in Helsinki. I'm energized, breezy, positive and a colorful person. With my strength and perseverance, I have always worked towards my dreams. I have raised two wonderful children, traveled, studied, massaged for the national ice hockey team, explored, experienced homelessness by my own personal choice. I have won a surf competition, I have entertained people as a mascot in Tappara, cross country skied by myself into the wilderness for eight days. However in 2019 as I moved in Muonio, I felt this desire for calmness and to stay still.


"courage, strenght and relaxation"

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Personal training

I'm going to help you find motivation, healthier food, better nutrition and strength.

one for me, please!

starting from 69 €

Grocery shopping tips!

45 €

Life change package!

2 740 €

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Classical and sport massage

20 min.     45 €

45 min.     65 €

60 min.     79 €

75 min.     89 €

90 min.     115 €

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SUP rental

SUP rental

1h                25 €  

2h                40 €

8h                65 € 

2 days    100 € 

Price includes SUP board, leash and paddle. 

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Other services

Maybe something for your bachelorette party or vacation activities.

Breathing exercises, ice swimming, snowshoeing and lots of other activities.

Do not hesitate to contact me. Let's make you a personal package, full of activities and relaxation


+358 407688864


Harrinivantie 35

99300 Muonio


Kiitos että olet!

Rakas sinä

pysy villinä

lumoudu elämästäsi

hengitä syvään,

anna mennä

maailma on valmis

- Meri Mort

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